Taylex Recreation Management Services Inc.

Management Company


Staci Ulrich

Club 66 Management Committee

Michael Rodenkirchen
#5 Weldrick Road West – YRCC 591

Mary Atkinson
#20 Baif Blvd – YRCC 601

Tish Davis
#40 Baif Blvd – YCC 471

Franco Rico Guerrero
#50 and #70 Baif Blvd – YCC 330

Peter Kantardziski
2nd Board Member – YCC 330



The Yonge North recreation Centre was built in 1977. The centre was established for the residents of 50 and 70 Baif Blvd., which were the first condominiums to be built. Initially, the basement was to be used as a daycare and a playground was installed on the west side of the building. Building 40 Baif Blvd was built in 1979. 20 Baif Blvd in 1988 and 5 Weldrick Road West was built in 1987. The address of the Recreation Centre is 66 Baif Blvd and is often referred to as Club 66.


Although it may seem like it, the Yonge North Recreation Centre does not operate on its own. Instead, it has been managed by Taylex Recreation Management Services Inc. with dedication and commitment for the past 25 years.



Taylex Recreation Management Services Inc. has worked over the past two decades to ensure every resident feels at home when they enter the community centre. The management team is dedicated to ensuring that the residents and their experience when using the facility remain the number one priority, and will continue to come up with new and exciting programming that will bring together this wonderful community.