Club 66 has two fitness rooms; The Cardio Room and the Weight Room. Please call the club to reserve your time; up to one day in advance. Each person will have up to a one-hour reservation, on the hour in the room you have booked.


Call Now #1 (905) 883 3662



Fully equipped for all your workout needs. Cardio, free weights in a dedicated space.

Only residents 16 years of age and older may use the studio.

Review rules in our brochure!


Both the treadmill and elliptical can be reserved up to 1 day in advance.

  Call to Reserve


Monday to Friday

8 am – 5 pm


Note: Parent/Guardians waiver is required for members aged 16-18 years.

Membership Waiver

Change Rooms

Recently renovated men’s/ladies private change rooms and dry saunas with lockers.

* Bring your own locks *